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Peter Barnes here, formerly a long term business Owner, Director and CEO, now offering contract consulting services focussed on Positive Business Outcomes.

I am an energetic, committed and confident person with an excellent work ethic. Very much a team-oriented person with a high level of communication skills and personal drive.

I am an experienced leader, change facilitator and business developer, I have had the great privilege of knowing success and failure in business. I am excited about sharing that knowledge and experience in assisting companies to thrive. I am looking for opportunities where I can use my strengths namely problem analysis, cost/benefit analysis, facilitating shared understanding, creating paths to solutions, understanding situations and engaging people.

The services I offer can be utilised and applied to all sizes and types of business frameworks. The need to improve and grow bottom line performance is critical for ongoing success in any business and to achieve this, many aspects of each business require constant attention. Focus on core activities being the revenue streams is critical and where resources should be utilised for maximum benefit and success. Non-core activities which are relied on to support a business however, can be resource intensive and costly and often not efficiently performed, reviewed or monitored.

My approach in understanding a business is to perform a review of the overall operation, including function streams, activities performed, resources required and current performance. Consultation with key personnel in all streams and functions of a business is important to gain full engagement and contribution by team members, who can provide insights into the business and culture.

My approach is the same whether my engagement is for a total overall business review or only a particular area of your business.

I would be pleased to meet with you and discuss your particular requirements and how I will be able to assist you and improve your efficiency and bottom-line performance.



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